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During the 90s, Illinois HOUSE planned and produced conferences for Illinois homeschooling families which grew in size and frequency until it made sense to incorporate them as a separate activity. In 1998, the Home Educators Conference Fund (HECF) was formed as an Illinois not-for-profit corporation and a section 501(c)3 tax-exempt charity. In both its volunteer base and its governance, HECF has drawn from a wide selection of committed and talented homeschoolers. Our presenters and volunteers are current or former homeschoolers from all over Illinois, and elsewhere in the US where homeschooling has flourished. HECF's "InHome" event is a forum for grassroots insights; we enjoy sharing our experiences and recognizing the expertise within our own communities.

Homeschooling groups affiliated with HOUSE can send a voting representative to the annual meeting of HECF members. Working by consensus, HECF members select a corporate board each year who take direct responsibility for the funds and daily operations. Through a combination of officers and work committees, dozens of volunteers cooperate with the fund's board to plan the whole conference experience for parents, students, presenters, entertainers, and vendors. During the conference, scores more volunteers contribute some of their time to the work that keeps this event running smoothly. HECF has no salaried positions, entertainers generally work as contractors, but most volunteer work is under-compensated in the form of discounts on attendance fees and/or hotel rooms. Please respect the charitable intent of the folks who step into these jobs and put a human face on this community vision.

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